CrossWorld Crypto Currency,

Ancestor Crypto (ANCE)

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ANCE is a crypto currency, born to be burned for varies of religious rites.
Burning ANCE may RISE YOUR LUCK slightly. (If you have strong faith)


  • ANCE is not a common crypto project.
  • It is an experiment project based on a series of Academic Research.
  • ANCE project is focused on economic system and rituals in death traditions around the world.
  • ANCE created new types of currency for the underworld, to satisify the Worshiper's demands in a completely different way.
  • The ANCE Token, App,Game, and other related products are derived from these research.


  • You missed the years that you can dig 100 BTC everyday, You'd better plan it for your next life.
  • Burn a pack of ANCE, When you get down, you can use them to bribe Hellkeeper, Anubis,Thanatos or other Death Gods to save your little ass.
  • Or maybe you are lucky enough entered the Heaven, bring more ANCE, you may need it.
  • Burn some ANCE for your ancestors, let them enjoy modern tech, and may the luck be with you.
  • Or simply buy some ANCE and hold them. You know the crypto market is insane, even SHIT worth some good money. hummm I mean SHIB.

How to get ANCE:

ANCE Source Exchange Ratio ($) Availability Link
Presale 1:5,000,000 Opening Get ANCE
Airdrop 5,000,000 / addr. Opening Get ANCE
UniSwap 1:1,000,000 Coming soon
PancakeSwap 1:1,000,000 Coming soon
Shop 1:1,000,000 Coming soon

ANCE Token

ANCE is minted over BSC chain (BEP20) and it will support ETH chain (ERC20) later.
Token Symbol ANCE
Contract Address 0x5c567d44a31e27812929ae48a210e414eac0a96b
The total amount of ANCE is 999,999,999,999,999


20% for Gods and Goddesses birbery ceremonies.
25% for academic and culture research, community, platform, localized rituals, etc.
25% ANCE tokens for presale.
5% ANCE tokens for airdrop.
15% for the develop team for support & development, design competition, etc.
and 10% tokens for further development.

Minting and Supply.

  • ANCE is the only token in world, minted by a contract which was inserted into Buddhist and Taoist ceremonies. futher ceremonies will be held to gain more acceptance of other religions.
  • 50% of the funds raised will be locked in Uniswap/Pancakeswap liquidity.
  • Token amount that injected to swap pool will be calculated by balance algorithm dynamically, this method is developed to prevent dumping.



  • The major usage of ANCE is burning as ritual items, as a media connect reality world, digital world and under world.
  • You can held your own ritual, burning the paper wallet printed yourself (generated and downloaded from ANCE website).
  • You can use a online ritual to burn ANCE, and sending your wishs.
  • Or you can hire a professional to do it for you.
  • In a rigorous ritual, you may need to burn paper computer and cellphones, to help your ancestors gain necessary hardware to use the CRYPTO.
  • (Basically, you do not need to burn a REAL 5G station to provide network infrastructures, especially in GB and HK, there are some idiots already did such thing.


Culture Background

  • 烧钱这一行为,起源既有中国本土以财殉葬的习俗,也有印度佛教思想的影响,盛行始于魏晋时期,延续至今。
  • 丧礼者,以生者饰死者也,大象其生,以送其死,事死如生,事亡如存。-《荀子·礼论》
  • 其它文明如罗马、埃及、安第斯等皆有在各种祭祀活动中使用财富实物或替代品的使用方式。
  • 虚拟币者,始于无形怪咖中本聪,交通全球,渐有充当世界货币之势。
  • 本项目系一种结合虚拟币与烧钱祭祀行为的尝试,或许可以此构建一种改良或替代传统烧纸钱的祭仪。
  • 访问本站论坛以获取更多相关文献及其它资料 》》》


How to get ANCE (Ancestor Crypto)

  • Heating period:
  • Get free ANCE by airdrop, and buy cheap ANCE by presale.
  • Living period:
  • visit online store to purchase ANCE and paper wallet as the container. Buyer do not need any knowledge of crypto currencies.
  • Purchase ANCE from CEX (coinbase, binance,huobi etc)
  • Trade with other ANCE holders.

NOTE: ANCE is not a standard CRYPTO. It service people who have great interest in ancestor worship and other riturals related to underworld.
As a crypto investor, please consider it as a MEME token.